Shiomi House and Robert H. Shiomi, First generation of Japanese American (Issei)

Between late Meiji period and World WarⅡ hundreds of thousands of Japanese immigrated abroad. Hiroshima prefecture is famous for being origin of the immigrants, but it was not uncommon for people of Sashima to migrate to Canada and America.

Robert-Hajime-Shiomi, born in house of Shiomi in 1904, was first generation of Japanese American who immigrated to America at age of 13 and became physician.
After experiencing anti-immigrant movement before the war and Japanese Internment during the war, he may have become determined never to repeat such history, and did not spare effort to support Japanese student and other cultural program through his life.

Now only few people are left who knows about Robert, but in a today’s globalized world which is troubled by regional conflict, his life is worth reviewing.
Following article is an introduction of his life. Please enjoy the story with our hostel , House of Shiomi.
From The Oregonian (news paper) on May 2nd, 1942

1942 05 02 Oregonian抜粋L

“Dr, Robert Shiomi, physician, will have charge of the hospital at the Pacific International reception center for Japanese being evacuated”

Photo on Left: Dr.Robert Shiomi
Photo on Right:hospital