Renovation of the Shiomi House has really been encouraged by relationship.

4 years ago, I visited Sashima island to dispose Shiomi House after 30 years from latest visit. But I was deeply impressed by excellent view of Shimanami-road and nice Shiomi House then after wandering one and half year, I decided to renovate it. It took one year to seek how to renovate, one and half year to complete first stage of renovation on April 2016.

I, apart from long distance from Sashima island, no knowledge, nor money could renovate the house only by bunch of help by online/offline relationship.

As a token of my gratitude, and to show some information to whom intend to renovate traditional house, I am going to record a process of renovation in this site. Coming soon!

April 29, 2016
Nobuko Nishimura

Special Thanks