Please check availability and confirm our hostel policy before you send reservation requests through the request form.
Reservation will be fixed by a confirmation email within 24 hours.
Please kindly send email to shiomihouse[@] or call +81-897-72-9800 directly if you have no email within 24 hours because it might be some sort trouble.

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Hostel policy

The Shiomi House is a really old style house in Japan.
Room separations are "Fusuma", sliding wood doors without keys. The front door can be locked but there is no key on the "Engawa", verandah door of each room.
We welcome family with children (including babies) as our guest and as such please note that your stay may coincide with that of an infant. Your understanding is much appreciated.
We welcome all visitors from around the world, and hope that you will feel at home. Please think of the accommodation charge as a souvenir for when you visit us (“your relatives”) at Shiomi House.

Reservations cancelled less than four days prior to the date of arrival will incur the following charges:
1-3 day in advance 50% of accommodation charge
Same day or No show 100% of accommodation charge

Contact: shiomihouse[@]